Tesla Model X Comes In 2015 As 2016 Model Due To Delay

The recent news about the 2015 Tesla Model X are not so great. Although we already wrote that the new Tesla Model X won’t be released until 2015, the general automotive public believed that this very first electric crossover will be available sooner, maybe by the end of this year, like the initial scenario suggested. Now it’s official, so the new Model X won’t be available probably until the summer next year. Since the delay won’t be too long, the buyers will have to be patient for around six months at most, but this means that the Model X won’t come as a 2015 model. It will probably be renamed to the 2016 Tesla Model X. This may be an issue for some other model, but such a revolutionary crossover, which will be one of the milestones in the electric vehicles’ history, doesn’t have to worry about those details. What’s important is that the 2016 Model X will be able to bring what we hoped for: a lot of luxury inside, unique revolutionary exterior design and impressive specs thanks to the great powertrain. What’s more important is that they don’t delay it again.

Delay Of Tesla Model X Release Date Will Probably Affect Company’s Image

This delay won’t improve the reliability of the Tesla company in the eyes of the buyers and especially when we know that this model has been delayed once. This time it isn’t for a year, but we can’t know whether they will decide to delay it once again. According to the officials, the first delay was due to the need to focus their resources into the Model S production. They insisted that there are no problems and that everything goes fine with the Model X development.


Will They Manage To Deliver 2016 Tesla Model X On Time?

Actually, the first specimens of the Tesla Model X will be assembled late this year, but those units will be made to be used for testing and validation. The pre-production doesn’t directly affect the people who wait for the production model, but once a vehicle enters this phase of the development there really isn’t a big chance that something huge will go wrong. It seems that the Tesla company is having a hard time right now. In the first quarter, they lost $49.8 million, they have to finalize the 2016 Model X, to build the battery cell factory until 2017 and to continue developing the affordable entry Model E, which probably won’t be called like that due to the recent dispute with Ford. Once they manage to release the Tesla Model X and especially after they release the Model E (no matter how they will call it), the bright future for the company is guaranteed. However, they have to release the 2016 Tesla Model X on time first, so we hope that it will enter the production in the first quarter of 2015.

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