2015 Nissan Titan – Features, Changes, V8 Engine

During the last year Nissan Titan had ~1,66% share of the full-size truck market in the US. A reply to this bad result will be the new 2015 Nissan Titan. After almost a decade without any changes, Nissan decided to create a second generation of this classic. While we expected to see the new generation in this year, the manufacturer decided to release it in the 2nd half of 2014.


Design changes of the new Nissan Titan will be huge. Designers archived contemporary up-to-date look. Some sources claim that Nissan will offer King and Crew Cab. New sleek exterior which will, hopefully, attract new customers and impress the old ones, will be equally used when it comes to the 2015 Nissan Titan interior. So far, we know that cheap plastics, a cause of complaints on the first model, will be replaced. You can expect better materials, improved design, radically redesigned dashboard and new technology.2015-Nissan-Titan-Front


Turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins diesel engine will give 405 lb-ft of torque and around 300 horsepower to the wheels of the new Nissan Titan. Also, there will be another option with 5.6-liter V-8 gas engine, which was already seen in the first generation of Titan. That engine can deliver 385 lb-ft of torque and 317 horsepower. The new 5.0L V8 Cummins diesel engine was used in Ram pickup and 2015 Nissan Titan will be the first non-Ram truck with it under the hood. One of the most important facts about this new engine is fuel economy. This engine will be around the point of 25 mpg. On the other hand, the gas 5.6L V8 engine will have fuel economy numbers from 18 mpg on highway to 13 mpg during city drive. Rear wheel drive of the new 2015 Nissan Titan will be standard, but all-wheel drive will be offered as an option. The price of the 2015 Nissan Titan currently cannot be estimated, so we’ll have to wait for Nissan’s official information. What can be said is that we reckon the price to be slightly higher than the price of actual model.2015-Nissan-Titan-engine

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