2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class — A Compact SUV You’d Love

The growing CUV market segment in the U.S. will be enriched by the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class. This crossover comes to take the throne, since it belongs to the luxury stratum. The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class has a lot of elements in common with its bigger siblings, the GLK-Class and M-Class, but it’s more suitable for urban environment. This doesn’t mean that this luxury crossover can’t outshine the competition when it comes to the off-road driving. The manufacturer is proud of its engines and transmissions. That being said, everybody would expect a high-performance powertrain, but the most incredible thing is that the 2015 GLA-Class EPA fuel economy is amazing. As for its design language, we can say that the 2015 GLA-Class is bilingual. It exterior is designed so it resembles a small SUV and some kind of a high-performance wagon. It looks like every modern Mercedes-Benz should — it oozes the luxury, quality and style, but it’s not just what the automotive public expected, since it may be considered as the least conservative vehicle made by this manufacturer. Having in mind that this manufacturer is famous for its quality, style and prestige, their avant-garde vehicles may easily become significant parts of the world’s automotive history.



The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class appears to be a paragon of the modern German automotive design. Its sharp lines which are skillfully blended with smoothly sculpted curves, made this crossover looks better than anyone hoped for. It looks aggressive and sporty. There are really big wheel arches, where 18-inch wheels will be nested (while 19-inch wheels come as an option) and fabulous pleats which contribute to the overall dynamic feel. This crossover looks like the people of the Mercedes-Benz design team unleashed their imagination in order to create the most entertaining compact SUV, but still within the boundaries of the brand’s recognizable look. The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class body is 173.9 inches long, 58.8 inches tall and 71 inches wide. To complete the joy of ride inside this outstanding CUV, the manufacturer offered an optional panorama sunroof.



As for the interior, the 2015 GLA-Class will have a lot of rounded design elements, a little bit of retro, conservative moments, which should keep the tradition of the brand integrated into the modern design. Other than that, the cabin of the new GLA-Class is nothing but cutting-edge. The people who enjoy luxury and appreciate a high-quality interior, will certainly be attracted by extravagant materials used inside, no matter whether they prefer MB-Tex or leather upholstery. Some sources say that the rear seats maybe won’t be able to offer the expected level of comfort, due to the tight space, but others claim that there is enough space for comfortable ride. The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class safety is something worth mentioning. First of all, they improved handling by installing the new electromechanical steering system, which works along with stability control system. Also, there are Blind Spot Warning and Lane Keep Assist systems available. Of course, there is an Adaptive Brake Assist system, Collision Prevention Assist which works using radar technology, Distronic Plus cruise control and Collision Prevention Assist Plus, as well as Parktronic and Park Assist, systems which provide automatic parking maneuver. As for the telematics, the 2015 GLA-Class will have a mbrace2 system.



The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class engine is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, which generates 208 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 258 lb-ft of toruqe at 1200 rpm. This is the same engine which is installed under the hood of the CLA250. There are two versions offered — the GLA250 and the GLA250 4Matic. The 2015 GLA250 sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds, with seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Its maximum speed is 145 mph. The public has very high expectations regarding its fuel consumption. There is no official information yet, but some estimates say that the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class EPA fuel economy will be beyond 30 mpg, thanks to its engine, start/stop system and superb aerodynamics. The manufacturer made one step more, so they will offer the 2015 GLA45 AMG, a version which will have the same engine, but it will deliver 355 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. It will be able to accelerate this compact crossover from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. This 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG will come with 19-inch wheels, but advanced suspension and cosmetic details are available within trim packages.



The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class release date is set for this fall. More precisely, that’s when the GLA250 4Matic will be released. The GLA250, a version with front-wheel drive, will come in the first several months of the next year. Also, there is no official announcement concerning the price, but estimations are that the 2015 GLA250 entry price may be in the range between $30,000 and $35,000.

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