2015 Lexus ISF – Redesigned Sedan

The redesign and changes of the new 2015 Lexus ISF made a great impact on automotive public worldwide. This model was the last Lexus waiting to get contemporary design. It looks good, that’s obvious, but the other aspects follow the improvement made in the appearance department. It seems like the 2015 Lexus ISF is made to be an excellent example, like a case study, so everybody can see what the manufacturer is capable of, especially after they launched the 2014 ISF version with trivial changes only. The need for redesign made the manufacturer act fast. Maybe that standing is not true, maybe it is, but what really matters is that drivers, customers and car enthusiasts profit from this.


The face of the 2015 Lexus ISF looks like it’s design is borrowed from a futuristic car which speeds on the streets of some distopian postapocalyptic city, with the last genuine superhero behind it’s steering wheel, delivering justice where it’s needed. It looks aggressive, powerful and merciless. But, truth be told, the design of the front end could easily become just too much and make this remarkable sedan enter the automotive history wearing a nightmare kitty face or a dizzy samurai smile. They stopped themselves right on the edge of a good taste, at the right place and made the 2015 Lexus ISF exterior impressive and recognizable. There’s no much difference among all the new Lexus models’ front ends, but this design seems like it’s made just for the sedan, despite the fact that it’s the last Lexus model which got it.


The LED fog lights and large air intakes force the character of this car stand out. The look on the side follows the gentle lines which make Lexus’ body appear powerful and sophisticated. It looks that you can merely anticipate muscles below the elegant surface. The rear end correlates with the front. It celebrates the Lexus heritage, so no matter how much redesigned, you can guess from a distance what is the brand of the car you’re watching through your windshield. It has a competitive sport spirit made by dominant rear bumper with four exhaust tips shining below the taillights. That way, the 2015 Lexus ISF is not yet another boring sedan for even more boring CEOs; it has a lot of passion incorporated in it’s DNA and looks like it challenges you for a race.



The 2015 Lexus ISF won’t be a hybrid, but the manufacturer has certain plans for the future in that direction. However, this doesn’t mean that there will be no engine changes. Since it’s hard to meet rigorous Euro 6 environmental standards without big changes on the recent 5.0-liter V-8 (416 hp) naturally aspirated engine it will be replaced in the 2015 Lexus ISF. The new 2015 Lexus ISF engine will be a turbocharged V-6. There is no reliable data about this engine specs and performance, but it is expected to be at least as powerful as it’s predecessor.



The patience and care invested into creating the 2015 Lexus ISF interior pays off. There is a lot of details, from the analog clock to the metallic accents. High quality materials are used for the redesigned dashboard, seats and other elements of the interior.

The price of the 2015 Lexus ISF is not public yet, but what we estimate that it shouldn’t go much above the current price, which is slightly below $70,000. The release of the 2015 Lexus ISF will be during 2014, as a 2015 model.

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